Growing up Homeschooled

I’m aware that there are all kinds of ways to homeschool your kids. Some kids do school online, some with a homeschool group, some parents travel the country while homeschooling out of an RV, kids can be homeschooled but attend public school for testing. Maybe you have a special room in your house where youContinue reading “Growing up Homeschooled”

Realizing my personality

I have a strong personality which I think is awesome. I only recently realized this even though I’ve known I had some of the traits of this personality for a while. Over the past couple years I’ve been working on self development and have learned things I’ve never been taught or thought about before. OneContinue reading “Realizing my personality”

My marriage counseling experience

My Fiance and I went through 6 sessions of pre-marrital counseling this year and while we don’t have any major relationship issues at this time, we did learn a lot and it has helped us connect and grow as a couple. I am sharing my experience here with you to help you get an ideaContinue reading “My marriage counseling experience”