Thoughts on our behavior as believers in Christ

I have been prayer journaling for about 6 months now and in the journal I use, the first thing on the page is to write a Bible verse for the day. I came across a verse while journaling that got me thinking so I wanted to share it with you. The verse says “By this […]

Helpful Tips When Confronting a Friend or Family Member

This is a difficult subject because so much can go wrong when confronting someone. I mean, if you feel the need to confront someone and you’re nervous to do so, they’re probably not treating you well in the first place or may never have. If you have a healthy relationship with someone, confronting an issue […]

Growing up Homeschooled

I’m aware that there are all kinds of ways to homeschool your kids. Some kids do school online, some with a homeschool group, some parents travel the country while homeschooling out of an RV, kids can be homeschooled but attend public school for testing. Maybe you have a special room in your house where you […]

Sexism in Religion

There are a few topics that really infuriate me and sexism is one of them. I can’t even get into how bad this issue is in our society in one post but I’ll do my best to at least cover how it shows up in religious environments. I’ve said before that I was raised in […]

Realizing my personality

I have a strong personality which I think is awesome. I only recently realized this even though I’ve known I had some of the traits of this personality for a while. Over the past couple years I’ve been working on self development and have learned things I’ve never been taught or thought about before. One […]

Growing up with a strict dress code

My parents are Baptists. I know there’s different versions of that so let me explain a bit further. They only attend Baptist churches and look down on all others, only use the KJV Bible, my mom only wears skirts and dresses, my parents used to make us all go soul winning, they only played gospel […]

2020 in review

We made it fam!! 2020 is finally over and while I’m happy to close this chapter, I’m also cautious going into 2021. I’m sure you feel me, while there’s hope for better days ahead there are still so many changes and unknowns we are faced with. I wanted to write about my year but wasn’t […]

Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse Explained

I’ve mentioned religious trauma several times before but many people are unfamiliar with the term. You might have heard of spiritual abuse or religious abuse which leads to trauma when you’ve experienced that abuse for years, but any of those terms can be used to describe harmful religious teachings. Religious Trauma Syndrome or RTS, is […]

10 ways to reduce holiday stress

So it’s the end of another year and a crazy one at that! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are right around the corner. I know I’ve been stressed out this year and I’m sure you have too. When I think of holidays I think of family gatherings and speaking of stress, family gatherings are great […]

Fun facts about me

I’ve had 10 jobs and started working at age 12. That is not including side jobs like babysitting, mowing lawns and shoveling snow for people. I feel like that number is so high because I usually worked 2 jobs instead of 1. I like to view it as a good thing because I got experience […]


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