10 Things most people don’t know about me.

  1. I was homeschooled K-12th grade and later did one semester at a community college in IL at age 18. I never paid much attention to school and failed my college classes.
  2. I love to decorate cakes! It’s one of my hobbies and if I wasn’t trying to build an online digital course business, I would probably open a bakery.
  3. I’ve had 9 jobs (not including side jobs) and started working at age 12.
  4. We didn’t have a TV growing up and I spent most of my younger years playing outside and teenage years in my room listening to music on my phone.
  5. I LOVE hip hop dancing and plan on joining a dance class.
  6. I’m scared of thunder, bugs, deep water and the dark (I literally have a night light).
  7. My Dad was a pastor for 11 years of my life. We were in church twice on Sunday and every Wednesday night.
  8. Growing up I was only allowed to wear skirts and dresses, even while swimming and in the winter. Maybe you understand the frustration of getting your skirt stuck in a bike chain or a big t-shirt almost drowning you in the lake.
  9. I love to read and write and want to become an author someday.
  10. I’ve been on a physical health journey for the past 4 years, lost 25lbs and became a certified personal trainer and then realized that’s not what I wanted to do (More on that story later).

Let me know if any of these things are true for you!

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